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Women Fashion New Water Droplets Black Lace Necklace
-53 %
Model: N-18BK
Elegant BLACK lace crochet pendant completed with hanging schemed color agate beads necklace. This charm necklace will be simply matched with your BLACK, RED or pure YELLOW dress maybe you want to suggest it to your friend that it is attracting you and she will take without any thought.Quick Specif..
14.00 AED 30.00 AED
Incl all taxes
Women Lace Black Gem Pendant Ornament Necklace
-49 %
Model: N-16BK
Alloy made thin chain with BLACK precious stones covering the whole stylish choker necklace. Because its color is BLACK that's the reason every women or girl wanted to wear at any cost although its price is less. Let it be on your stately tower neck or pass it to your friend as gift.Quick Specificat..
18.00 AED 35.00 AED
Incl all taxes
Elegant Tie Bow Women Fashion Pearl Wild Black Color Necklace
-60 %
Model: N-O4BK
Korean bow-knot BLACK rope style sweater chain with two hanging round pearls. Velvet choker was the material in making this sleek product. Smart girls always find some lustrous items in jewelry category for a cool look.Package Contents: 1 x Mentioned above item in Title, Description. Note:Due to sc..
10.00 AED 25.00 AED
Incl all taxes
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